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“Buy” is the New Buzzword on Social

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Mobile Shopping

Is it time for social platforms to truly embrace ecommerce?

Over the last few years, several attempts have been made to introduce a commerce element to social media. The ventures failed to gain commercial traction, and the concept of social commerce ultimately took a back seat to other innovative additions to social media platforms.

However, as of last week all of that changed. Facebook and Twitter started testing purchase options within their respective platforms, indicating that both social networks are attempting to re-introduce social commerce to the masses.

Last week, Facebook announced that it is testing a Buy button [...]

Why Twitter is Becoming Millennials’ Main-Stage for Storytelling

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Twitter Bird. Source: Twitter

Part of working in digital strategy means having to analyze your own generation’s behavior. I have read the good, the bad and the ugly about my millennial generation, so when Twitter recently released an article on insights concerning millennial Twitter behavior, I dove right in. I’m happy to report my behavior certainly adds up to their findings. Here is a snapshot of the breakdown.

Four Takeaways from Twitter’s Study

1) Millennials Use Their Phones to Stay in the Twitter Loop

To put this in perspective, 80% of millennial Twitter users access Twitter on [...]

Africa: The Rise Of Mobile In The Mobile Continent

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Phones charging

The days before an American boards a plane to an African country like Morocco are largely spent devising a strategy to survive with limited technology — or at least, that was my approach before traveling to Morocco. I thought I was taking an adventurous leap across the digital divide and into a vast and scary new world with buttons instead of touch screens.

This was not the case.

Upon landing in Morocco, I was greeted with free WiFi in almost every hotel, High Definition television that was better than my own at home, and mobile phone users as far as [...]

Celebrate Summer with 30 Social Media Tips

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30 social media tips

Our team is full of all sorts of social media savvy — from social video to analytics reports, optimizing Facebook promotions to the perfect real-time tweet, and driving retail to increasing YouTube views, we’ve seen a lot and learned a lot along the way.

And this month, we’re sharing 30 of them with you!

If you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you’ve probably seen us use the hashtag #30daysofsocial. Each day throughout the month of July, we’ve been posting a social media tip to help you spark ideas for your social strategies [...]

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